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The Indian Market


India offers a wide range of garments. These include: 

  1.  Handloom, mill made, yarn dyed and printed.
  2.  Indian high fashion garment quality is un-matchable.

To compete in the global market we offer value added products, high quality standards and on time delivery. India offers a fast turnaround delivery and sharp competitive prices.

To satisfy clients our vendor base is committed to Social Compliance, High Quality products and up to international standards. 

Accessories :-

India offers a wide range of beautiful Accessory items made from fabric, fake leather, leather, metal, terracotta, woods, bamboo, canes, and buffalo horns..

Home Furnishings and Furniture :-

India is also a good source for home furnishing items (soft & hard). We mainly focus on the eco-friendly products like, decorative items in wood and metal, products made of terracotta design. India is a good source for wooden furniture both plain and with decorative carvings.

We support the Poor craftsmen ship of India, by introducing their work in the international market. So that they can get there fair deal and the international recognition.

Oaks India looks forward to a working partnership with you.